Smart City and its services in your pocket

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PayiQ solution helps CITIES control traffic emissions, avoid unnecessary driving, and encourage low-carbon mobility choices

PayiQ is making  easy and secure way to exercise CORPORATE TRAVEL BENEFIT

GreenImpact marketplace is a marketing channel within city mass transit app FOR LOCAL BUSINESSES



PayiQ CITY solution provides a complete package for cities. It includes access to public transport, state of the art CO2 footprint by automatically detecting the transport mode, and a capability to engage citizen. Within our app we help cities become carbon neutral.

We offer cities a solid solution to conduct effective and efficient communication with its citizens and raise awareness. Via our app, citizens can give feedback and report findings (full trash-bin, wrongly parked car. City can also organize polls and launch new events encouraging people to use active mobility (gamification).

We also provide cities with sharp big data analytics on public transport operations and end-user movement patterns and behavior, including CO2 emission information.

Our application is designed for citizens on-to-go. It is easy to use and it facilitates customer navigation for the incentive programs and special offers of the various city goods and service providers.