For cities

For cities


PayiQ solution helps cities control traffic emissions, avoid unnecessary driving, and encourage low-carbon mobility choices. PayiQ urban app includes access to public transport and ticketing, it automatically detects transport mode and calculates CO2 footprint per leg travelled. Moreover, it offers a tool that encourages citizens for lower carbon emission choices through gamification and sustainable engagement. Our app helps cities become CO2 neutral.

We equip the city with sharp big data analytics helping to understand how people move by 20 modes of travelling (including bus, tram, walking, cycling, car, train, plane, etc.). We provide cumulative CO2 report with breakdown per transport mode, info on the average distance per trip, heatmap with transport concentration and other valuable inputs. Given data enables fact-based decisions for making transportation smoother in the city be it better routing or capacity planning.

For the end user we provide a full summary of the daily mobility with CO2 exposure per leg. And apply gamification approach to achieve the reduction of CO2 emissions. User gets rewards for choosing zero and low carbon mobility options like walking, biking, taking e-scooter or public transport. Per each 5kg of CO2 saved, user gets a climate coin, which can be exchanged for city services, be it free pool entrance or a discount at a partner store.

The app allows to set targets for emission and offers purchasing compensation packages for the excessive CO2, such as tree-planting. PayiQ solution allows to organize competition on CO2 saved on individual, community and city levels which would inevitably lead to smoother traffic and less emissions.

PayiQ offer technology that rewards sustainable mobility

  • It is a gamification approach to achieve the reduction of CO2 emissions in the transport sector
  • System provides statistics about user own mobility
  • Automatic transfer of user’s sustainable mobility behavior into climate coins
  • Users can redeem their Climate Coins in the app’s Market place and receive vouchers from Partners
  • Users can compensate for excessive CO2 exposure
  • KPIs on your region’s mobility are provided on a daily basis


  • Cities possess little or no data on transportation patterns and CO2 exposure
  • End users are not aware on the amount of their CO2 footprint by transport mode
  • Citizens are not engaged neither motivated by the city to provide personal impact and improve air quality
  • City communication is fragmented and information is uneasy to navigate
  • Cities KYC procedures are held offline and consume a lot of human and monetary resources.


  • PayiQ is an infrastructure provider with a core focus on mobile fare collection technology. PayiQ platform capabilities have been expanded to new features that can track CO2 exposure, detect travel mode used, unite relevant city services and offerings for the end users.
  • We differentiate ourselves by our ability to unite multiple functions from ticket selling, payment and validation to CO2 calculation, sustainable engagement and customer pro-active city impact under one app.


  • Growth of residents using mass transit
    Decrease of CO2 footprint and air pollution level
  • City related and generated assignments can be fulfilled by crowd sourcing in days instead of months
  • CPM (cost per mille) rate would decrease for the cities when info is communicated through the app
  • City costs for KYC would be reduced due digital procedure optimization of using PlusID

Understand how, when, where and why people move from A to B

We offer technology that allows:
  • Automatic transport mode detection
  • Automatic POI and stay detection
  • Just 2,5%/h battery usage during the journey, otherwise, no consumption
  • High precision trajectories and time stamp