For corporates

The problem

Experts agree that, in addition to conventional financial indicators, CO2 emissions will soon become the key environmental indicator for climate protection, for banks, auditors, investors, customers and, last but by no means least, regulators and legislators .
CO2 footprint is an important agenda both for the cities and for the companies operating in the region. Current travel benefit offers on the market are unable to influence the reduction of CO2, track its emission, encourage towards low-carbon mobility, and offer compensation tools. Being focused on Scope 3 requirements, many companies are currently applying manual calculation of CO2 when it comes to business trips and predominantly air travelling.

Apart from the CO2 agenda, the current employee travel benefit offerings on the market are limited to ridership payment only. While user requires other travel related info on the go, such as disruptions or route changes, as well as the option to leave immediate feedback to the transport company or even employer directly, should we talk about the while label transport app (WLA). Thus, the app allows for reciprocal communication.
Besides, there is a possibility for fraud and card misuse since the regular employee travel benefit amount is tied and stored on the card.
Also, recurring monthly top up of travel benefit cards in the manual mode is an extra burden for employer accountant as requires additional time and human resource efforts.
Not to mention the amount of plastic circulated around as the cards are delivered to their owners.

What we offer

PayiQ is making corporate travel digital and CO2 neutral. We offer easy and secure way to exercise travel benefit.
Thanks to our technology PayiQ is capable of creating a comprehensive corporate travel benefit product, which can unite:
• flexible product: daily, weekly, monthly pass
• route planning, map, real time bus location
• ticket validity, history of purchases, receipts
• recurrent travel benefit balance replenishment
• pure digital experience: no plastic cards, no paper receipts
• up to 20 transport modes automatic detection
• CO2 emission report per each leg travelled
• daily mobility summary
• rewards program for low carbon mobility choices
• competitions between teams, cities

Since corporate travel benefit is built on PayiQ ticketing platform as the backbone, we are able to provide:
• monthly reporting on the benefits used per employee
• in the future – direct importing of travel costs to corporate accounting system

To whom we offer

PayiQ is targeting corporate travel at large enterprises and SMEs, which are granting travel benefits for their employees and who already measure and report Scope 3 emissions or plan to do so.
In November 2022 the European Council introduced a new reporting requirement for corporate sustainability. From 2025, companies in Europe will be required to report indirect emissions, known as Scope 3 emissions.

PayiQ product offers a great opportunity for companies to take control and start pursuing sustainable commuting and travelling among employees to ensure that CO2 targets are met.